Hammered Oval Lizards Bathroom Copper Sink

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Size: 35.5 x 48cm x 13cm deep

Standard 40mm diameter drain hole

This oval hammered bathroom copper sink featuring a lizard design is a beautiful piece of art. It is designed to be have the rim above the benchtop as the rim is rounded. The copper sheet is 16 gauge (0.127mm thickness). 

This copper sink was made from one sheet of copper, formed with the artist's hammer, and there are no welded joints.The hammer footprint is very visible. The reddish/oxidized texture is characteristic of natural copper. 

This bathroom copper sink does not have an overflow system.

This bathroom copper sink is from the skilled coppersmiths of Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico. The finish is a dark brownish colour. Suitable for your bathroom, it will add a unique home accent making it a very special point of attraction.

PLEASE NOTE: The patina can be damaged if toothpaste stays for long periods of time on the sink surface, so washing it immediately after brushing teeth is recommended. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaning products.