Tile Mural Vallarta. Clay Talavera Tile Mural

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Size: 71cm x 91cm

This town looks very peaceful and quiet. The church is the biggest building and visible from most points around the town. At the end, the lake where fishermen are getting ready for their chores. This Talavera tile mural is composed of 63 pieces: 35 the main picture, 24 side frame tiles, and 4 corner tiles. This Talavera tile mural will be a unique addition to your walls or any outdoors spot, fountain, or landscape with a Southwestern and/or Mexican/Spanish style.

This tile is handmade and fired to high temperatures to get a very solid and consistent piece of clay. This clay tile is just an example of the exquisite beauty the Mexican craftsmen put on each item they create. It is hand-painted, this means that no two tile murals are exactly alike! There might be small differences in size, weight and even the decorations.