Unique, not cheap

I don’t know about you, but I hate all the ads on TV shouting at me that the prices are “cheap, cheap, cheap!” Although we all are very aware of our expenses, we don’t always want the cheapest, we want quality things that will last. Often these ‘cheap’ things are a false economy… they don’t last, or are made of an inferior standard….

And what a clever segue to the sinks at Unique Sinks!

Although they are NOT the cheapest, surprisingly, they are around the same cost as a reasonable quality basin at any of the major retail stores.

So it’s up to you: cheap, mass produced and common, or something inspired, amazing and unique.

The prices for our stunning basins are:

Glass vessel: $345

Mexican hand painted: $345

Moroccan hand painted: $390

Moroccan hammered copper: $390

Mother of pearl: $500


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