Unique Sinks glass vessel basin

What is the best way to clean a glass vessel basin?

It is imperative that you never use an abrasive cleaning solution on a glass sink as it will scratch the surface and the sink will lose its lustre. As well, it will be more difficult to keep clean in the future. The easiest thing to do is to wipe the sink with a soft towel after each use. it only takes a second to keep it looking shiny and new. Over time, some buildup may appear so best to use a product such as Enjo with water, which is also a fantastic eco-friendly solution!

What is the best way to clean a hand painted sink?

As above, the glaze is strong and glossy so it will repel any dirt if you keep it clean, again, using non-abrasive cleaning cloths and detergents. 

Who can install my sink?

Plumbing in Australia is not a DIY task, so you will need to have a licensed plumber install your sink.

What pop-up plug should I purchase?

A universal pop-up plug fits 32 to 40mm diameter sink holes. The perfect fit is the Mizu Universal Dome Pop Up Plug and Waste from Reece.

How do the sinks come packaged?

Each sink is packaged to ensure safe transportation.

GLASS SINKS come in boxes with contoured foam around each sink.

MOTHER OF PEARL SINKS are wrapped in bubble wrap and in a box full of firmly packed shredded cardboard

MEXICAN AND MOROCCAN SINKS are wrapped in bubble wrap and in a box full of firmly packed shredded cardboard

All care is taken to ensure there is no damage, but the item will be replaced if damage has occurred during shipping.

They are sent either by Australia Post or a courier such as DHL.

Are the sinks sturdy and robust? If I tap my razor blade on it, will it chip or break?

In a word, YES, they are all durable and robust!..and NO.. they won't chip or break with every day use.

GLASS SINKS are tempered glass with a thickness of around 7mm. They weigh around 6kg so are very strong and robust.

MOTHER OF PEARL SINKS are incredibly durable and robust as you can imagine with the sea shell exterior.

MEXICAN AND MOROCCAN SINKS are also very strong. Pictured below is a Talavera sink installed over 12 years ago and it still looks like new!

Also, check out how durable this Moroccan sink is!