Exotic Decor

Moroccan Bathroom Sink


There are few places as exotic, mysterious and magnificent as Morocco.

When you think of it, you can almost smell the aroma of spices from the souks,
and picture the beautiful architecture, lanterns, coloured glass and arches.

Where else would they have the instinct and confidence paint a whole town (Chefchaouen ) blue? Moroccans have an innate sense of style, colour and design.

Why not have a touch of this in your own home? The exquisite hand-painted
Moroccan Bathroom Basins from Unique Sinks are full of handmade charm.
Although the actual sink is glazed and sealed perfectly, the painted design
is not some cookie-cutter or printed design. No two are the same.

Check out these beautiful products at www.uniquesinks.com.au Price: $440

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