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Bathroom sink art

All sinks at Unique Sinks are hand made and some are hand painted. This means that each one has slight artistic variations. This makes them special. The tiled design is a beautiful example of this, with its lustrous finish inside the bowl, and the matte pattern on the bottom. As the sinks sit proud of the countertop, this matte side is visible, adding another texture to the design. Check out the Read the article

Boring bathroom sinks

Have you noticed the lack of variety available at retail outlets for bathroom sinks that are not WHITE? I cannot believe people do not want to have an option to buy something a little different, that is why I started UNIQUE SINKS. I have these installed in my house and everyone comments on how nice they are. And not just colourful, there are designs to suit anyone's decor from glitzy gold to clear to rainforest leaf shapes. They really are special. Have a look at the designs: