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Renew the loo!

Having a separate loo is convenient, but they tend to be quite tiny rooms. So we thought, "why not bling it up a bit!" The toilet was old-fashioned and the boring painted plasterboard walls needed warmth, so we added additional features to give the room a bit of warmth and personality. Here's what we did: -Replaced the loo with a clever loo from Caroma which has a sink attached to the tank, so you can wash your hands and that water is recycled into the tank and used at the next flush.  -Created a tiled feature wall behind the toilet. -Decorated the walls with grass cloth wallpaper, which adds texture and warmth. -Added a shelf to hold ethnic statues. -Saved money by...

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Mexican Fiesta bathroom renovation!

Back in the day, a spa was the ultimate in luxurious living. Well, we don't do spas, and the antiquated spa was mostly used in containing baby goats when we were forced to bottle feed the babies when their mothers walked off and left them to fend for themselves .... So, we hoiked out the spa, which gave us room to add a modern open shower with a clear glass wall and an additional loo. Replacing the black slate floor, we re-tiled over the top of the slate in modern cream-coloured tiles. Painting the old wooden cabinets brightened them up, and to give it an individual look, we tiled the vanity with beautiful Mexican tiles in a solid colour and accent brightly...

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RENOVATION: Easy re-surfacing transforms a bathroom

Bathrooms get a lot of use over the years and need updating every 10 years or so to keep it looking clean and fresh.This ensuite was last renovated in the 1980s so it had 'trendy' finishes of that time, and as trends and taste change, things start to look very dated. The surfaces in this ensuite were scratched, chipped and looked not only dated but grubby and dark. TIME FOR A REFRESH We used a composite granite product to resurface the bench top, replaced the sink, painted the cabinetry and replaced the loo. To avoid unnecessary jack-hammering of the floor which would have created a huge amount of work including re-leveling the floor and re-waterproofing, we tiled the floor with new...

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