Mexican Juanetta Tall Vessel Hand-painted Bathroom Basin

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Tall Vessel Bathroom Sink from Mexico

Size : 40.5 cm x 15 cm

Please allow 3 weeks delivery

The wash basin is a round sink which sits on a counter top. It features beautifully hand-painted ornamentation on the visible inside and outside surface. 
The basin is carefully packaged and secured against any damage during transport.  

HISTORY: Around 8 centuries ago, Arabs moved into North Africa, then into Europe. Their glazed designs on ceramics, known as Majolica, were made with pigments on raw or unfired glaze. 

Majolica was introduced in Mexico in the 1700s when Spanish monks brought over artisans from Talavera de La Reina in Spain. 

The Mexican craftsmen blended the Majolica process with their own interpretation resulting in their own art forms and colors. Their product became to be known as Talavera. The Talavera produced in certain workshops in Puebla is now officially designated, recognized and protected by the Government of Mexico.This exclusive sink design is made in the traditional Talavera technique and it comes from a tiny town of Dolores Hidalgo in central Mexico.

Each of these artistic sinks are moulded and painted by hand, and may have slight variations which adds to their appeal. They are made of ceramic and fired twice: once before they are decorated, and a second time after they are glazed. Talavera colors and shine will not fade with proper care. We recommend NOT to use abrasive cleaners, as they "eat-up" the finish.

Each sink has 3 overflow holes

Pop-up strainers for the standard size drain are available from retailers.