Revamp the bathroom in 5 easy steps

OK, so you have a dated bathroom that needs a quick fix revamp and you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Here are 5 fast fixes to make an impact and make you bathroom look fresh and new:

1 PAINT THE TILES. Yes, there are fantastic tile paints available from White Knight, which are tintable to the colour of your choice. Are you thinking fresh clean and white? Maybe light aqua for a water-themed bathroom, or even dramatic black. And if you want to redo the look of the grout on top, White Knight also makes a Grout Pen, which gives the look of a new line of grout. Check out the products at:

2 CHANGE THE SHOWER CURTAIN. Not only does that nasty mouldy curtain look daggy, it also chops into the visual size of the room. Replace it with a Glass, Shower Screen either as a fixed piece or one that opens. Suddenly the room looks much more modern, clean, open and fresh.

3 NEW TOILET SEAT. Have one of those old wooden ones? A cheap cracked vinyl one? They are easy to replace as they are just installed with 2 connections at the back. Go for a quality soft close option in a sleek clean white finish.

4 THE VANITY TOP. The top of the vanity is one of the few horizontal surfaces other than the floor, so it has a big impact on the overall design. The options are endless from laminates, glass, timber or tile. Choose something unique to help tie the whole look together. Are you planning to have a simple clean bathroom and jazz it up with colour and textures with the towels and accessories or are you planning to inject it with personality with choice of taps, tiles and sinks? If that is your plan, check out the sinks at Unique Sinks for amazing point-of-difference basins, which will be the focal point. Go to to check them out.

5. HARDWARE. Amazingly simple to change, new handles on the vanity are inexpensive and fast to change yet make a HUGE impact on your new updated design. Don't forget to review these details as they can make all of the difference.

So that’s 5 quick makeover tips that can make your dark dank bathroom look modern and fresh…and you can do the lot in one weekend!

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