Size doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is small, there are ways to create visual space by keeping all the surfaces streamlined.

Here are 5 top tips for using space efficiently:


1 USE A FEATURE TILE on the floor and on one wall. Imagine a chocolate brown tile on the floor continuing up the wall. Suddenly the space is not visually broken up by different surface colours, and the space feels larger. TIP Ensure the tiles are suitable for flooring!


2 INSTALL A GLASS SHOWER SCREEN and suddenly the room is not divided into two by a shower curtain.


3 POSITION TOWEL RAILS in a location so it’s not the first thing you see. Ideally leave one wall in the room without anything hanging on it. Hanging things on a wall brings the wall in.


4 SMALL DOESN’T MEAN everything has to be small in it. Long benchtops in a small room make the space feel expansive and luxurious. Little boxy cabinets and medicine cupboards look bitsy and use space inefficiently.


5 DON’T CHOOSE SAFE DÉCOR. You can afford to inject some personality through the choice of tile colour, towel colour, or even a feature wall. Unique Sinks’s Moroccan tiles make a definitive statement and would be an excellent choice to jazz up a small room. The patterns are busy, but when used effectively with quieter plain tiles around, create an awesome and distinctive effect. 

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