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SRI LANKAN PLANTATION VERANDAH CHAIRS ooze luxury, extravagance and colonial chic. These classic chairs are hand carved from teak and use hand made rattan. The craftsmanship is exquisite, the comfort unbeatable and the style it adds to a home or verandah is immeasurable. $990


MOTHER OF PEARL VESSEL BASINS would look equally amazing in a slick modern bathroom or a cosy ensuite. The brilliance of the light shimmering off the dazzling surface is unlike any other...

Add a touch of Marrakech to you home

Exotic Moroccan Bathroom Basins: Hand Painted or Hammered Copper all $390


Bring the amazing colour and beauty of exotic Morocco to your home with Unique Sinks' stunning bathroom basins. These are no cookie-cutter designs, they are skillfully hand painted pieces of art.

And if that is too jazzy for you, check out the hammered finished copper sinks. They would look equally amazing in a cosy bathroom or as a defining feature in an ultra sleek bathroom.

About Us:

Unique Sinks carries unusual bathroom basins for the discerning customer. Unique Sinks will create a visual feature to any...