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LUXURY Mother of Pearl bathroom sinks: luminescent and magnificent

Who doesn't like the look of mother of pearl, with its gorgeous shimmering effect? These stylish bathroom sinks will add a fabulous focal point to any bathroom.

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Bamboo Bathroom Sinks: Unique, beautiful--and sustainable

Have you checked out our new bamboo bathroom sinks?

Made from this wondrous sustainable material, it is unique and lovely in every way!

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10 Great design blogs

Find inspiration for designing your own home on the following blogs:

 Jenny Komenda, an interior designer, shares her renovations and DIY projects


Melissa Darr showcases her own craft and DIY projects plus fabulous recipes


Joseph P Davis, an interior designer, shows how to crate a look, and also what NOT to do


Holly Becker shares her knowledge and passion for design on her blog


Emily Osmond showcases Australia’s current trends and local products


Be inspired by Chris Carroll, a Melbourne-based stylist, presenter and author...

Size doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is small, there are ways to create visual space by keeping all the surfaces streamlined.

Here are 5 top tips for using space efficiently:


1 USE A FEATURE TILE on the floor and on one wall. Imagine a chocolate brown tile on the floor continuing up the wall. Suddenly the space is not visually broken up by different surface colours, and the space feels larger. TIP Ensure the tiles are suitable for flooring!


2 INSTALL A GLASS SHOWER SCREEN and suddenly the room is not divided into two by a shower...

Revamp the bathroom in 5 easy steps

OK, so you have a dated bathroom that needs a quick fix revamp and you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Here are 5 fast fixes to make an impact and make you bathroom look fresh and new:

1 PAINT THE TILES. Yes, there are fantastic tile paints available from White Knight, which are tintable to the colour of your choice. Are you thinking fresh clean and white? Maybe light aqua for a water-themed bathroom, or even dramatic black. And if you want to redo the look of the grout on top, White Knight also makes a Grout...