The 5 most popular bathroom colour schemes

When designing a new bathroom, there are multiple surfaces to consider: the walls, floor, vanity, mirror, doors, windows and ceiling. Choosing what to install can be baffling as there are so many surfaces in a small space. It can make the room appear small, or even cluttered if you choose too many colours and patterns. Modern style dictates clean uncluttered spaces, with walls often matching the floor to extend the space visually. Wall hung loos and vanities create visual space as well as make it much easier to clean.
Let’s look at some colourful bathrooms that exemplify the modern style, but still inject colour.


Clean, and effortless, white is the obvious go-to palette, and you can inject colour with accessories such as towels and mats. This bathroom has white subway tiles with black grout to highlight the pattern. 


Committing to colour can be rewarding when you achieve something as visually stunning as this red-tiled feature wall in a shower area. Pairing white and black with it creates drama and helps to keep the red from overwhelming the room.


The classic colour of water in a bathroom feels calm and restful. It looks sleek and elegant and marries well with white features. These mosaic tiles extend the visual space of this room by creating a separate shower area, which looks incredibly inviting.


Be careful with this one, as there are many acid green tiles, which can look almost aggressive! Instead, choose a cool clean, crisp tone for a fresh looking bathroom. This bathroom got it right with its vibrant yet subtle hue. 


Classy, stylish and understated are a few words to describe what is conjured up by grey. You can keep the room monotone, or add zaps of colour to get a totally different look.



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