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Moroccan Style

Even in modern bathrooms, you can add a punch of colour and texture to add personality. This Reza Moroccan sink was just installed by customer Ann, who cleverly paired it with a Moroccan design floor, and clean white walls and cabinetry. She could have used it as a vessel basin showing off the designs painted on the outside, but she chose to use it as a drop-in basin. So this sink is very versatile.  

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You get what you pay for...

When looking at taps for our renovated bathroom, I really liked the look of the chrome taps such as the Nicolazzi Provincial taps from Reece Plumbing. But I needed 2, and at $895 each, it was more than I was willing to spend. Searching online, I found something similar at only $55 each. Bargain....made in China! So I ordered these. Even when they were first installed, they felt a bit flimsy, not robust. They did the job for 5 years. That's when I noticed a puddle on the floor and suddenly realised there was a slow leak from those taps into the cupboard, hidden from view, and the cabinet was deteriorating at an alarming rate. The plumber was not able to repair the taps,...

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Renew the loo!

Having a separate loo is convenient, but they tend to be quite tiny rooms. So we thought, "why not bling it up a bit!" The toilet was old-fashioned and the boring painted plasterboard walls needed warmth, so we added additional features to give the room a bit of warmth and personality. Here's what we did: -Replaced the loo with a clever loo from Caroma which has a sink attached to the tank, so you can wash your hands and that water is recycled into the tank and used at the next flush.  -Created a tiled feature wall behind the toilet. -Decorated the walls with grass cloth wallpaper, which adds texture and warmth. -Added a shelf to hold ethnic statues. -Saved money by...

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