You get what you pay for...

When looking at taps for our renovated bathroom, I really liked the look of the chrome taps such as the Nicolazzi Provincial taps from Reece Plumbing. But I needed 2, and at $895 each, it was more than I was willing to spend.

Searching online, I found something similar at only $55 each. Bargain....made in China! So I ordered these. Although they were not Australian Standard, my handyman was willing to install them. Even when they were first installed, they felt a bit flimsy, not robust. They did the job for 5 years. That's when I noticed a puddle on the floor and suddenly realised there was a slow leak from those taps into the cupboard, hidden from view, and the cabinet was deteriorating at an alarming rate. The plumber was not able to repair the taps, so we replaced them with these more modern Rococo taps from Mondella. I wasn't sure about the modern look with the tiles and sink, but once installed, loved the way it reflects the patterns and they almost disappear. These feel much more robust and we're very happy with them.

Many of our basins on come with a tap. We are unable to buy just the sink, and these taps are not Australian Standard and many plumbers would be unwilling to install them. So, I'd advise you to buy a new tap from your local plumbing retailer, and ditch the one that comes with the sink!

Here are the 2 taps:

Bathroom sink

Bathroom sink



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